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About Father Jacob P.J.

1962 – 65 : Secretary to Bishop of Belgaum, Asst. at the Cathedral
1965 - 85 : Parish Priest of Holy Rosary Church, Tumarikoppa village, where the Parish Priest has been murdered a few years back.
1965 - 85 : Rural Development and Social Work, Tumarikop, Kalghatgi
1978 - 83 : President, Taluka Development Board, Kalghatgi
1983 - 85 : M. L. A. and Chairman, Local Bodies Finance Commission, Karnataka
1985 - till date : Pioneering and unique undertakings for the integrated development and improvement of Kalghatgi Taluka as a model for the whole of India.
Father Jacob

Major Projects and Institutes established by Fr. Jacob P. J.

Educational Institutions

  • St. Xavier’s High School
  • Bala Prema Boarding for boys and girls
  • Maria Prasanna Grihini Training Centre
  • Good News P U College
  • Good News Degree College
  • Good News Automobile Training center
  • Good news Computer Training center
  • Good News Driving School
  • Good News Boys’ Hostel
  • Good news Girls’ hostel
  • St. Mary’s School
  • Rising Star Children’s Home
Father Jacob's Development Tree

Development Tree Designed by Fr. Jacob P. J.

Rural Development

  • Roads & Electrification for all the villages of the Taluka
  • Benachi Irrigation Tank
  • Gandhi Jeevan Collective Farming Cooperatives
  • Low cost houses
  • Dairy Co-operative Societies Regd.
  • Poultry Development Society – Regd.
  • Hanumapur Kandli Water Shed Project
  • Hunashikatti Shingnalli Water Shed Project
  • Sujala Water Shed Project
  • Sponsorship for Lamani Tribal Students of 9 villages and 2800 Students and Books & uniform distribution
  • Construction of Bio Gas Plants – 800 -With assistance from AFPRO & Govt.
  • Youth Clubs and HRD
  • Rural Sanitation Project
  • Drinking water supply for the whole Taluka
Father Jacob's  Development Tree

Development Tree Designed by Fr. Jacob P. J.

Human Rights Movements

  • Letter Writing Campaign for Bus Service
  • Agitation for village water supply
  • No-Hair Cut, No-Shave Campaign for Village Electrification
  • Hunger Strike against Unjust Royalty
  • Sit-in Satyagraha against
  • Mobilization against unjust tax Money Lender
  • Signature Campaign for irrigation
  • Campaign for village post office
  • Indefinite Hunger Strike for College Grant
  • 101 Days’ Mounavrita and Satyagraha for sanctioning Court
  • Letter Writing Campaign for World Peace
  • Hunger Strike against corrupt officer
  • Hunger Strike for sanctioning of High School at Tribal Village
  • Agitation against police atrocity
Father Jacob's  Development Tree

Development Tree Designed by Fr. Jacob P. J.

Life and Mission of Fr. Jacob P. J.

Fr. Jacob is the only priest in the country (in the world) who held elected and political office and Diocesan pastoral office simultaneously. He proved that politicians need not be corrupt. His first priority was providing drinking water to all the 87 villages of Kalghatgi Taluka first by rigging bore wells and desilting the existing tanks. Second was to provide bus services to all the 87 villages of Kalghatgi and to Hubli, major town nearest to Kalghatgi and Dharwad the district head quarters. Then he took up electrification of the villages of the Taluka, because electricity was the basic need for most of the utilities especially agricultural. In parallel with these he took up Education as his motto. Lack of education means lack of development. He initiated this by urging government to start primary schools in all the villages of the Taluka. Apart from this, he started the first High school, St. Xavier’s School in Tumarikoppa village, which even today stands out as the model school. Today his efforts have seen many schools, especially, in remote villages of the Taluka imparting education to the rural masses. The Good News College is the first Degree College was opened with altered courses in Computer and Motor Mechanics. He also started St. Mary’s English Medium School, under Vimochana Development Society, which is first English Medium School in the Taluka. As Kalghatgi Taluka is economically under developed, people here could not afford English medium education to their children sending them to Towns and cities and could ill-afford heavy donation and fees. Thus he has named this school as “Save A Family Scheme.” We are charging very low fees and taking no donation whatever. Four batches have passed out scoring 100% results in S.S.L.C. The ‘Maria Prasanna Grihini Training Centre’ now running in its 37th year is unique for the whole State. 30-40 illiterate/uneducated girls are given one year residential training to be ideal housewives and mothers. (Prov. 31.10 sq.) it is totally subsidized for this poor inmates. He carried out his mission through The Good News Welfare Society (R), The Vimochana Development Society (R), The Good News Society for Global Peace (R), 36 Milk Cooperative Society (R), The Kalghatgi Poultry Cooperative Society (R), The Gandhijivan Agricultural Society (R) and a large number of Youth, Child and Women’s Organizations. His never-tiring spirit and energy is flowing in each and every activity of the Society and the School. He organized several programs for their education, social justice and humanitarian cause. He undertook Hunger strike to get school sanction for these tribal people from the Government. As a result primary school was sanctioned for Shivapur Lamani Thanda. He donated his own land for this school and is today is the beacon of education for these backward students. As part of rural development he built Benachi Tank, which was pending for the last 100 or more years. He brought this under food for work scheme.


All these socio-economic development activities of Fr. Jacob P. J. have been timely and aptly recognized by various governmental as well as non-governmental organizations. Here below, few are highlighted.
  • Rotary International Best Rotary Award
  • Excellence in Ministry National Award by Catholic Priests Conference of India, Bangalore
  • National Human Rights Award by Vigil India Movement, Bangalore
  • Honorary Doctorate from Karnataka University, Dharwad
  • Karnataka Rajyothsava Award 2014, Govt. of Karnataka