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Social Service Programs

Vimochana, with the aid and assistance from EDM France, has been undertaking various Social Service Programs in the last 10 years or so.

It has undertaken projects to uplift Lamani Tribal people of 9 Lamani Thandas of Kalghtgi Taluka to bring these backward and downtrodden Lamani Tribal people into the main stream of the society. They were deprived of all human rights by the rich and were subject to exploitation. As there were voiceless people, Fr. Jacob P. J. took up their cause and became voice for these voiceless tribal people.

We organize Personality Development Programs, Tailoring Classes, Summer Camps, Leadership Development Programs for the youth of these 9 Thandas. For school going children evening tuition classes have been organized.

All these programs have been supported partially by Enfants Du Monde (EDM) of France.

As results of these programs many of the youth in these Thandas have been educated and have secured jobs in various government as well as private organizations.

The attendance in the schools has been increasing and the lives of the people in these Thandas have changed drastically. They have shed their inhibitions and inferiority complex.

Several Lamani children have been sponsored for their education. They are provided free education and boarding in St. Mary’s School and Rising Star Children’s Home. And also Lamani children studying in St. Mary’s as day scholars are provided free transportation from their home to school.

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