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The school has 2 buses and 1 Maxi Cab of its own to transport school children from different places of the Taluka. Apart from these, 5 outside vehicles are engages on contract basis to bring children to school

The Routes and Names of the Drivers are as below

Route No. Vehicle Driver Name Contact Number Routes Covered
ROUTE 1 Mahindra Siddharood 7353720935 Begur and Part of Kalghatgi Town
ROUTE 2 Bus Mahadevayya Gurumath 9449572382 Kalghatgi Town
ROUTE 3 Bus Shivayya Pujar 8970575232 Dhummawad, Ghambhyapur, Yemmetti Muttagi, Shiggatti, Hullambi, Tumarikoppa, Hulikatti, Kalghatgi Town
ROUTE 4 Mahindra Manjunath Angadi 9663193434 Kalghatgi, Bendigeri Oni, Madki Honnalli Malkankoppa, T-Honnalli, Hulikatti
ROUTE 5 TATA Magic Ghulesh 9008887739 Mukkal, Hunashikatti, Somanakoppa,Hanumapur, Kalghatgi Town
ROUTE 6 Mahindra Basavaraj Bellary 8970307252 Nelliharavi, Bommigatti, Tavargeri,Aladkatti, Belavanthara
ROUTE 7 Mahindra Dadapeer 8861263252 Hungund, Nandigatti, Agadi, Kalghatgi Town
ROUTE 8 Mahindra Derrick D’Souza 9591292554 Hirehonnalli, Hulkoppa

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School Timing

  • Prayer Bell 9.45 am
  • Lunch Break: 1 to 1.45 pm
  • Evening Last Bell: 4.45 pm

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